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How To Start In Online Advertising

How To Start In Online Advertising

Are you new to online advertising? You're not alone! A lot of entrepreneurs are just starting to explore the world of online advertising. In this post, we'll share some tips for getting started. We'll also recommend some resources that can help you learn more about online advertising. Thanks for reading!

All right. So let's say you are a brand new e-commerce store and you want to get into advertising. Um, here's some quick steps on how to do that within Facebook, but first we're going to talk about the funnel. All right. So check this out.

marketing funnel
Traditional Marketing Funnel

Okay. So here's a marketing funnel. We have top of the funnel, which is "See" which is awareness. Then you have middle of the funnel, which is "Think" where they get the interest and consideration about your brand or service. And lastly is bottom of the funnel, which is "do" or the action you would like them to take, or some type of conversion.

So I'm gonna show you within Facebook, how we set that up. So I'm going to go here. My test account hit. And then what's great about Facebook, extra, break it down for you.

So you have top of the funnel, which is awareness. You have middle of funnel, which is a consideration, and then bottom of the funnel for conversion. So depending where your business is at, and if you're new to only in advertising, I would focus on top and middle of the funnel.