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Facebooks New Algorithm for Facebook Ads Is A Game Changer

Facebooks New Algorithm for Facebook Ads Is A Game Changer

Facebook Ads (Meta) just launched a whole new algorithm when it comes to Facebook ads, so check it out. It's something pretty interesting.

So it's called Advantage Plus Shopping Campaigns. Essentially what this is, it's a new algorithm that Facebook has launched for this post iOS 14.5 world that we live in now. With Facebook (Meta) having less data, they're leveraging machine learning and different things like that to optimize this new algorithm to perform better.

 So how does it actually perform on a really account? Let's check out.

So we have our main campaign here, which is the  bottom campaign (TOF/MOF - Multi v2 - Purchase) our average CAC (cost per acquisition) is around  $225. Compare this to the top campaign (Advantage+ campaign),  we're getting in conversions for around $83.

170% drop is the cost per purchase

This is over a 170% drop is the cost per purchase, a huge drop. Keep in mind we are using he exact same ads for each campaign. The only variable is the Advantage+ campaign is using Facebooks new algorithm, compared the the bottom campaign is using the old algo. See our IG video about this as well.

But yea these results are very impressive to see. And the client and I are both loving these results.

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