221% Growth in the Number of Orders in 3 Months

Case Study
Revenue Growth
Revenue Growth
Increase in Website Conversion Rate
Increase in the # of Website Orders

Serino is fashion brand that Serino offers timeless premium essentials that can be worn every day, with everything. Unlike traditional fashion seasons, Serino redefines iconic silhouettes in knit by using 1 yarn, 7 styles, 5 colors.

Industry: Fashion
Location: New York, NY
Services Provided: Paid Advertising, Marketing Strategy

The Project

Serino was a new brand to the fashion space and was looking to increase sales on their website and build some brand awareness. It was important for them to grow their sales and gain an understanding of who their target audience was and the best way to engage with them.

Plan was to build a marketing strategy that focused on growth as we built out a new marketing structure and established clear KPI’s to be monitored on a regular basis.  

In addition, internal team strategy sessions were conducted to identify clear value props and methods to best communicate Serino’s product within their market.

Website Growth

Serino had just launcher their store so we began by creating a series of tests to quickly find winning audiences and ad creatives. Through our initial tests we quickly grew sales by 60% in 2nd month. 

Q4 sales grew by 215% compared to the previous quarter while still being able to scale ROAS from 1.2x in Q3 to 2.9x in Q4, a 139% increase.

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