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Smart Pressed Juice

Smart Pressed Juice (SPJ) is healthy based company with a mission to create a smarter way to juice. They truly believe there is no better medicine on earth more powerful than the humble green vegetable. SPJ has developed juice cleanses and detox powders that offer a portable solution to traditional cold pressed juices.

Industry: Vitamins / Supplements
Location: Irvine, CA
Services Provided: Paid Advertising, Marketing Strategy, Web Design & Development

The Project

Smart Pressed Juice (SPJ) was looking to increase sales across their two sales channels Amazon and their website. Sales started to plateau and the team was having trouble figuring out why sales were not increasing anymore.

Plan was to build a marketing strategy that focused on growth as we built out a new marketing structure and established clear KPI’s to be monitored on a regular basis.  

In addition, an audit was conducted across the various advertising channel to optimize ad restructure, funnel building, keyword analysis and to find key opportunities.

Website Growth

With new strategies implemented on the website and optimizations made to advertising on Google Ads and Facebook (Facebook / IG) we were able to see a huge growth within the first 3-months. From there we were able to scale revenue by 94% by Q2, while increasing their conversion rate by 34% and order volume by 95%.

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