Jewelry Brand Grows 354% in Revenue

Case Study
Revenue Growth
Revenue Growth
Increase in Conversion Rate
# of Orders
Joseph Robert Jewelers

Joseph Robert Jewelers (JRJ) is online jewelry store that sells fine vintage and estate jewelry. Selling truly unique one-of-one pieces of jewelry.

The Project

Joseph Robert Jewelers (JRJ) was looking to increase sales on their website. They’ve been selling a lot of third-party websites like eBay, Etsy, 1st Dibs and Ruby Lane, but didn’t want to be dependent upon those sales channels. It was important for them to grow their own website sales to truly understand their target audience and have more control over the data.

Plan was to build a marketing strategy that focused on growth as we built out a new marketing structure and established clear KPI’s to be monitored on a regular basis.  

In addition, an audit was conducted across the various sales channels to understand how their customers find JRJ and how we can leverage this info to optimize our advertising efforts.

Website Growth

JRJ was new to advertising, with that understanding we quickly began running a series of test to quickly find winning audiences and ad creatives. Through our marketing strategy we quickly began to scale JRJ sales by 354% within the first year. 

Not only that, we improved their conversion rate by 21% and increased their number of orders 40 per month on average to 220 on average. A 450% increase.

Website Growth Tools
Creative Testing Strategy

When it came to testing, we built out a clear testing strategy and roadmap to test different creative, copy and utilize Shopify + Facebook integration to set up a catalog feed so customers can see the exact products available. 

This helped us to ensure we doubled down on our winners and cut our losers quickly and efficiently.

Website Design & Development

We also identify a need to make some web design and development changes to JRJ website. Mainly surrounding how they market their value props. We identified a huge win by clearly displaying graphically their core value props. 

New Users: 260%

# of Sessions Per User: 45%

Pages Per Session: 25%

Avg Session Duration: 18%

Bounce Rate: 15%

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