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Proactive Dealer Solutions

Proactive Dealer Solutions (PDS) is a automotive consulting company that sells consulting services, business development training, sales training, boot camps and create software that helps dealerships manage their sales and service teams, call center, and leads handling. Their mission is to help dealers maximize their success through people, process and technology.

Industry: Automotive / Sales
Location: Charlotte, NC
Services Provided: Paid Advertising, Marketing Strategy, Web Design & Development

The Project

PDS is a B2B business selling consulting services and sales/service training to automotive dealerships throughout Canada and the USA. PDS was a leader in the automotive consulting space but were rolling our new strategic partnerships with a few large automotive manufacturers and wanted to build our a clear marketing and ads strategy that would focus on market reach and saturation within their industry.

After identifying their target audience, we developed a video series of ads and positioned their brand within social and search that would target decision makers in the automotive space. 

Additionally we setup integrations between Salesforce, Pardot, CallRail and Instapage so that leads generated could be monitored from capture to conversion to see where the drop offs were happening and how we could make optimizations to ad copy, landing pages and the sales process.

Website Growth

Integrated Google Ads with Salesforce + Pardot to track capture leads journey. Also established CallRail to track phone calls because it has a seamless integration with Salesforce & Pardot and allowed us to track when phone were converting to leads.

Optimizations were made to keywords, ad copy, extensions as well as landing pages developed to control and A/B test the customer experience for optimal performance.

This lead to a grow in the # of leads year-over-year as well as a reducing in cost per lead generated. 

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